To help Architects and Designers gather the important information they need for planning and specification we have compiled a few of the main questions we get asked - with links to the specific information you require.

Remember we offer a Free Consultation Service if you have any questions or want us to give advice on layout for a specific job. We are happy to help!

MRC Tactile products for your next project

  • Our products page gives you all the details on the different types of TGSI's and what materials/system suits your look.
  • Look through our extensive photos of all the Projects we have done. See TGSI's  in many different environments.
  • Information on the different substrates TGSI's can be installed to.
  • Find out more about visual contrast requirements for tactile Indicators before selecting your preferred colour.
  • We have many colour options we can manufacture for our Precast Concrete pavers and Polyurethane Stud Systems. 

New Zealand Tactile Standards

Tactile Indicators are referred to in a number of New Zealand Standards and Guidelines which govern the design and layouts you see around the country. You can purchase these documents online if you wish through our resources page. If you just want a summary of tactile layouts we have put together a MRC Tactile Layout Quick Guide MRC Tactile Layout Quick Guide' which covers the most common situations.

Specifying Mobility Research's Products for your project

Specifying Mobility Research Centre’s products are great for your peace of mind as we are the most experienced tactile provider in New Zealand. MRC tactiles have been specifically developed and are locally manufactured for the harsh New Zealand climate and exhibit superior colour fastness, strength and resistance to hydrolysis, microbial and UV attack.

  • Visit our Brochures page to download our product specifications.