With over 20 years experience in the industry, Mobility Research is the leading authority on the supply and installation of Tactile Ground Surface Indicators.

We offer a free consultation service that can:

  • Help price the job at the tendering process.
  • Explain installation options at the construction stage.
  • Design and draft compliant layouts out for preconstruction and/or sign off.

Pricing Tactile Ground Surface Indicators

We will provide a no obligation written quotation. Simply call our office on 09 520 4953 or email us at

For simple installations you do need to know the width of the pram or pedestrian crossing, stairs or ramp etc.

For larger, multiple or more complicated installations sending through any plans / drawings is helpful for the pricing process and allows us to spot any irregularities with the Tactile layout.

From this information we can determine how many Tactile Pavers or Studs you will require.

Who installs Tactile Indicators?

Precast Concrete Pavers

Whilst Mobility research supplies precast concrete pavers, the contractor will typically install them. We can certainly recommend quality installers but more often than not the contractor is already involved in pouring or laying the surrounding substrate and they are quite comfortable with the Tactile paver installation process. (See our Installation Guide)
Also, timing of the installation can be difficult when involving a third party.
Order pavers by using our quick and easy Paver Order Form or for urgent orders give us a call.

Can I pick the Pavers up from your factory? Where is it?

Yes you can – You will need to call our office first to place an order on 09 520 4953.
• Our Auckland manufacturers are Jagas Paving Ltd at 65 Cryers Road, East Tamaki.
• Our Dunedin plant is Precast Concrete Ltd at 78 Maclaggan Street, Dunedin City Centre

RETRO-FIT Individual Stud Systems

Mobility Research specialises in the supply and installation of these stud systems. (This includes the polyurethane studs and the stainless steel studs) We have fully equipped vans and a dedicated team of experienced installers who are Site Safe and railway corridor certified. One of our office team will always be on site at the start of the project to meet the client, confirm the Tactile layout and answer any questions they may have or any issues that may arise during the course of the installation.

Order our system by calling us today.

Synthetic Tactile Mats

Mobility Research is also experienced in the supply and installation of these products and can recommend the most suitable solution for your project   - please contact us for options and pricing.


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